Improve your Pieces - A system you need to know
RB Rahmesh
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In this course, we will learn how to identify passively placed pieces in any given situation and how to improve their health by bringing them into active squares.
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And who better to learn from, than one of the best trainers in the world? RB Ramesh has trained thousands of chess players including the top players in the world. He’s the trainer of rising Indian prodigy Praggnanandhaa, and he helps many improving Indian Juniors attain the highest level. He has carefully selected examples that underline the importance of regrouping your pieces and giving you rules of thumb which are easy to remember.

  • Video running time: More than 4 hours (English)
  • Instructive examples
  • Extra: Database with exercises & Training with ChessBase apps – Play key positions against Fritz on various levels
Coming Soon:
Understanding before moving