What is the key to a successful attack on the king? How can I improve the harmony of my pieces? The Power Play show continues in the vein of Daniel King’s DVD series – with the difference being that the games are from current events
The endgames expert from Hamburg regularly welcomes guests to the ChessBase studios.
English GM Simon Williams invites you to actively participate in his show to further your own chess understanding when looking at games of all types
Why not take time out and enjoy an hour of the finest chess coaching! In our “60 Minutes” series, some of the world’s strongest players and trainers explain classic opening systems.
Let masters and grandmasters show you how to correctly open the game, calculate variations, outplay your opponent or grind out the win with exceptional technique!
Let Karsten Müller, the renowned endgames expert, introduce you to the finesses of the later stages of the game
Endgame Magic 77 with IM Andrew Martin
Queen sacrifices
Endgame Magic 76 with Christian Bauer Part 1
Endgame Magic 76 with Christian Bauer Part 2
Puzzle hour
Bilbao 2016 round 9
Bilbao 2016 round 8
Bilbao 2016 round 7
Bilbao 2016 round 6
Bilbao 2016 round 5
Bilbao 2016 round 4
Bilbao 2016 round 3
Bilbao 2016 round 2
Daniel King Bilbao 2016 round 2 part 3
Daniel King Bilbao 2016 round 2 part 2
Bilbao 2016 round 1
Endgame Magic 75 with Pascal Simon
Simon Says Black Lion
Daniel King Power Play Show 6 July 2016
Round 10
Bilbao Master 2016
Daniel King
Championships Norway Chess 2016
Daniel King
Candidates Moscow 2016
Yannick Pelletier & Sebastian Siebrecht et al.
Wijk aan Zee 2016
Daniel King
London Chess Classic 2015
Daniel King
Qatar Masters 2015
Daniel King
Sinquefield Cup 2015
Daniel King
Norway Chess 2015
Daniel King
World Championship Carlsen-Anand 2014
Daniel King
Olympiad Tromso 2014
Daniel King & André Schulz
Olympiad Dresden 2008
André Schulz & Oliver Reeh
Lubomir Ftacnik
Daniel King
Rainer Knaak
Mihail Marin
Dorian Rogozenco
Andrew Martin
Alexei Shirov
Rustam Kasimdzhanov
Loek van Wely
Nigel Davies
Adrian Mikhalchishin
Sergei Tiviakov
Sam Collins
Valeri Lilov
Dejan Bojkov
Oliver Reeh
Henrik Danielsen
Robert Ris
Simon Williams
Erwin l'Ami
André Schulz
Dr. Karsten Müller
Sagar Shah
Amruta Mokal
Yannick Pelletier
Sebastian Siebrecht
Merijn van Delft
Klaus Bischoff